Hangzhou BANRY Ultrasonic Chinese Medicines Extraction Equipment

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Model Number:
BR-28SH/BR-20SH Series
Max. Loading Capacity:
500L - 2500L
Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China
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Application fields:
Product name:
Ultrasonic Chinese Medicines Extraction Equipment
After-sales Service Provided:
No overseas service provided
200W - 3000W
Product Type:
Heterogeneous liquid systems,Heterogeneous liquid-liquid/solid systems
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Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
500 Unit/Units per Month
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♦ Application field

Suitable for foodcosmeticspaperpaintchemicalspharmaceuticalstextilesfuel hermoelectricfuel central air conditioningpetroleummetallurgy, bio-diesel and many other industrial processes .

1. Herbal medicine extraction, cells, bacteria, viruses, tissue crushing, such as extraction of cell contents.

2. The material particles dispersed, homogenize, and emulsions. For example, the dispersion of nanometer

materials, cosmetics emulsion. 

3.  Accelerated dissolution, accelerate chemical reactions, such as chemical synthesis.


BANRY Ultrasonic Extraction is composed of ultrasonic transducer (converter) with cover , booster horn ( sonotrode , probe ) and generator .


♦ Definition of Ultrasonic Extraction

Ultrasonic Extraction is the use of ultrasound (frequency> 20KHz) with the mechanical effect, cavitations effect and thermal effect, by increasing the movement velocity of the molecular medium, increasing media penetration in order to extract material (herbal medicine) active ingredient technology.

♦ Principle  of  Ultrasonic Extraction - Acoustic Cavitation

Ultrasonic in the liquid produced hundreds of thousands of times per second, make the liquid to break into tiny bubbles of vibration, these bubbles in the role of the continuous, rapid growth, then suddenly closed, produce the super shock wave, around the bubble produced thousands of atmospheres of pressure and local high temperature, the physical phenomenon known as ultrasonic cavitation effect.   


Specification Param


Brand / ProductBANRY / Sonochemistry Processor
Frequency28kHz20 kHz
Max. power200W or 500W500W1000W1500W 2000W 3000W 
Handing Capacity (L/h) ≤500 ≤500 ≤800 200-1000 300-1600 1600-2500 
Apply laboratory     Production line , can be used in combination    
Allow pressure        Max≥5 MPa      
Allow temperature  Max≥350°c
Generator Digital generator can be adjusted the output amplitude from 50% to 100%, frequency tracking automatically to sure working continuously

Standard 5m

Special length, please inform us


Hangzhou Banry Ultrasonic Focus on the domestic first high-power ultrasonic probe ultrasonic sonochemistry processing equipment. Does not change a customer's existing production equipment and technological process, through a simple installation can be your ordinary equipment upgrades for the chemical industry with the advanced ultrasound equipment. Ultrasonic high-power, and low investment, simple installation, output and efficiency was improved. 

Ultrasonic technology has a prominent advantagesthat is, it does not have moving parts, there is no electromagnetic radiation, is simple to install fixed, in particular for the high-pressure high-temperature, toxic, explosive or dangerous environment for the application.

1. High extraction efficiency

    The unique physical characteristics of ultrasound can induce plant cell tissue broken or deformed, so that extraction is more fully of herbal medicine active ingredients, the extraction rate increased significantly than traditional craft of 50 to 500%;

2. Short extraction time

    Ultrasonic extraction of herbal medicine can usually in 24-40 minutes to get the best extraction rate, extraction time greatly reduce the 2 / 3 than traditional methods, medicinal raw materials large processing capacity;

3. Low extraction temperature

    Ultrasonic extraction best temperature of herbal medicine is 0-60 ℃, for the case of heat-labile, susceptible to hydrolysis or oxidation of the active ingredients in medicinal herbs has a protective effect, while significantly saving energy; extraction temperature 40 - 60 ℃, to protect the active ingredient.

4. Wide Adaptability

    Ultrasonic extraction of herbal medicines is not limit of component polarity and molecular size, suitable for extracting various herbs and components;

5.Extract liquid little impurities, the active ingredient is easy to separate and purify;
6. Extraction of low operating costs, overall economic efficiency significantly;
7.Simple operation, easy to maintenance.

8. Optional frequency and power, 40kHz — 20 kHz, 200W - 3000W.

9. With over current, overvoltage protection,to ensure system security.

10. Frequenc yautomatic tracking adjustment, to avoid the load impedance with the ambient temperature,the working medium due to factors such as changes inthe larger power fluctuations.

11.Constant power, good effect.

12. Ultrasonic digital generator,small size,light weight and high efficiency.

13. Reasonable structure, easy ventilationcontinuous running and reliable operation.

Modular design, can be by several hundred wattsor several kilowatts of power to form tens kilowatts generator, which can optimize the combination of the transducer, and then ensure transducer work in the best condition;such as agenerator fails, the other unitstill work,easy to repair the damagedunit. 

♦ After-sale Service

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